All Terrain Scooters and Dirt Scooters have been on the rise and there have been a ton of advancements made in the design, function and even affordability categories. Whether you are riding to and from school, building jumps in the park with your mates, taking it to the extreme at the skatepark, tackling huge professionally made dirt jumps or maybe you’re looking for a change up from your usual ride… a dirt scooter might just be your latest obsession. 


We currently offer 4 different options for all terrain scooters. Each model has been tailored for a specific age range and skill level. Across the models you will notice differences in not only colour finishes but also deck sizes, bar shapes, compression systems, tire pressures and many more. Check out the options below to see which dirt scooter suits you best!

The Sullivan Sport 12” Terra Firma All Terrain Scooter is the go anywhere, do anything big wheeler that is fast, easy to ride and practical for all kids in the 6–12-year age range. This scooter is ideal for riding to and from school, taking the dog for a walk with the parents or heading over to their friend’s house. Built tough and rigid, the steel frame ensures reliability and the 12” pneumatic tires keeps the riders rolling faster and further but don’t be alarmed, the V brake will do their job and bring this scooter to a halt in no time. The mirrored electro paint finishes give these scooters a stand out colour effect that is sure to turn heads and did we mentioned that there are 3 different options!? It’s no wonder this is one of our best sellers!

Click here to check out all the specs on the Terra Firma.


The Sullivan Sport Hi Jinx Dirt Scooter is the perfect entry level dirt scooter for the 7-12 year age range. This scooter can be used on a huge range of different terrains such as footpaths, in the skatepark or cutting across the gravel or grass which means you’ll have an awesome experience no matter where you prefer to ride. There are 3 awesome colour options available including the always popular neo chrome which is strikingly eye catching but also hard wearing too… durability has not been sacrificed in the name of style. The 200mm x 50mm pneumatic tires are capable of running pressures up to 60PSI and feature a 5 spoked core design with ABEC 9 bearings. The deck is made from heat treated aluminium with a slim stack headset and comes with a powerful rear foot brake.

Click here to check out all the specifications of the Hi Jinx dirt scooter.


The Invert Sport Taunt Dirt Scooter has been created and tailored towards the beginner to intermediate level of riders that are 8+ years in age. This is one of our most popular items and for good reason… from the affordability to the high quality components throughout, this is a great dirt scooter for an aspiring professional rider. The deck size is 4.9” wide by 21.5” long which means you’ll be throwing those whips around with ease. To compliment the deck size, the Invert Taunt runs 200mm x 50mm pneumatic tires that run up to 60 PSI of pressure meaning that you’ll definitely be needing to use the steel flex brake to slow down! The recommended maximum rider weight is 100kg/220lbs.

Click here to check out the full run down on the Taunt dirt scooters.

The Triad Shape Shifter Dirt Scooter is widely known as the #1 dirt scooter on the market today. There are 2 sizes available in this scooter which will be ideal for riders 12+ years. With absolutely no corners cut in the design and manufacturing process, this scooter came onto the scene and immediately caught the attention of hardcore scooter riders worldwide. You’ll see professional riders such as Billy Watts, Richard Zelinka, Ryan Williams, Roomet Saalik and many more throwing down some of the gnarliest tricks imaginable on this dirt scooter. As the name suggests… the Shape Shifter can seamlessly transition from the dirt jumps to the skateparks and everything in between. The common tire pressures within the industry are between 36-60PSI but that wasn’t good enough for Triad… they set out to change the game so they created the wheels to be capable of running pressures up to 100PSI!! This means the Shape Shifter will roll faster and further than any other dirt scooter available.

There are a heap more features on the Shape Shifter Dirt Scooter that you can find by clicking here.

That covers our brief overview of the 4 models of dirt scooters & all-terrain scooters that we currently have available. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out via our email address – info@rideminded.com and one of our experts will be able to assist you.