Are you looking for a helmet online? Are you concerned about whether the chosen helmet will fit you? We know that purchasing a scooter or a BMX helmet without trying it on first might sound inconvenient. However, we have a solution. The good people of Rideminded are very concerned about your safety! Thus, we've created this scooter and BMX helmet fit guide. With our help, you will find the perfect head protection for you and your loved ones.

Helmet fit guide

You should never ride your scooter or BMX bike without a helmet! We know that scooters and BMX bikes are made for entertainment. However, being protected while riding is even more important than having fun. Whether you're just rolling on the street or performing tricks in the skate park, your safety should be your number one priority. And since the head is the most critical body part to protect, wearing a helmet is a must.

Now that we've established the importance of wearing a scooter and BMX helmet, we can go on with our helmet fit guide. So, a helmet should be comfortable but also tight enough. It should have holes but also be durable to withstand impacts. At the same time, the helmet should be easy to put but hard to fall off. Simple, isn't it? Kidding, we know it's not. However, we'll make it easy for you. This is how you buy the perfect helmet:

Measure your head

Measuring your head is the first step toward choosing a helmet. Most helmets are marked with S, M, L, or XL. However, they also have measurements in centimeters. Well, at least ours do. So, to get the perfect fit, grab your measuring tape. Place the tape about 2-3 cm above your eyebrows, and run it around your head. Measure the circumference, and you'll know which helmet size your head will go in.

Choose a model with adjustable straps 

Not all our heads are built the same. So, when buying a helmet, you should choose a model with adjustable straps. The helmet should be comfortable but snug at the same time. If your head protection is too tight, it might lead to discomfort and headaches. And if it's too loose, it might fall off when you need it most. However, the adjustable straps won't do all the work. It is also wise to:

Go for a helmet with multiple pads 

Customisable scooters and BMX helmets mean comfort and safety. Choosing an appropriately sized helmet will lead to a good fit. However, opting for a helmet with multiple, changeable pads will lead to a perfect fit. Once again, not all our heads are evenly shaped. Some will need thinner pads, but people with narrower heads require thicker insoles. And if you have both, your quest for a helmet is over.

An excellent example of a helmet with changeable pads is the Cortex Conform. This lightweight helmet, made of durable polycarbonate, is an outstanding choice for those struggling to get the perfect fit.

This helmet provides enough choice for every head but is also an excellent option for a growing head. The Cortex Conform has four sets of pads, varying from 3 to 12 mm. Your only job will be to mix and match until you find your perfect fit!

The Cortex Conform is made to last. Sturdy built and equipped with quick-release straps, this is a helmet that will provide both maximum protection and comfort. So, instead of worrying about your safety, you can focus on practicing new tricks.

This marvelous creation comes in five colours, satisfying the pickiest riders’ tastes. Ready to get one? You’re just a click away from your perfect helmet!

Opt for breathable designs 

All high-quality helmets have built-in air vents. However, these air vents are strategically positioned not to compromise the helmet's integrity. Your skin needs to breathe. If you choose a helmet without a breathable design, your head will overheat, which might lead to dizziness and even fainting. Well-built scooters and BMX helmets have pads made out of breathable foam that provide maximum comfort during rides.

Look for quality certificates

Besides sizes, scooter and BMX helmets also differ in build quality. All of them are made of plastic, true. But do they all use the same plastic, and do they all undergo rigorous stress testing? No! Hence, buying a good helmet will go a long way in protecting your head. This one does not have much to do with fitting, but it is essential for your safety.

So, how will you know whether a helmet will truly protect you? It's easy; look for the quality assurance tag. That tag will make the difference the next time you bump your head onto the ramp! However, a more straightforward way to do this is to choose a helmet from a reputable producer, such as Cortex or Sullivan.

Helmet wearing guide

You might not know, but when it comes to helmets, scooters and BMX bikes require the same equipment. This means you can use the same helmet for both rides. Hooray! However, you need to know how to wear it, and that's where we come in.

So, once again, the helmet should sit snugly on your head, but they should not create pressure on your temples. A small helmet will cause discomfort and pain. Conversely, the helmet should be comfortable enough but not loose. An excellent way to check whether a helmet fits good: put on the helmet, and undo the straps. Shake your head. If the helmet stays on your head, you got yourself a perfect fit.

Next, strap on, adjust them so they are secure, and enjoy your ride. You're adequately strapped if the toggles are right under your ears. Bear in mind that the belt should be comfortable enough so you can move your head but not lose, or your helmet will shake.

Studies have shown that riders wearing helmets are more focused on the riding. Probably because they know they're protected. So, wearing a helmet will help you enjoy your scooter or BMX sessions even more. The helmet should be positioned correctly on your head. This way, it will protect your entire head.

Lastly, take good care of your helmet. It might save you one day. Avoid unnecessary bumps, do not throw the helmet on the ground, and clean it regularly. Remove the pads now and then for cleaning. And remember: even the best scooters and BMX helmets have a five years life cycle. So, even if you don't use it too much, make sure you replace it. Investing in a good helmet is always a wise choice, precisely what Rideminded offers. 

Our helmets

At Rideminded, we're all about providing customers with the best products. We offer state-of-the-art, top-notch scooters and BMX helmets because we care for your safety! Such is the case with our scooters, our bikes, and of course, our helmets.

So, our helmets are quality tested, AS/NZS, CE, CPSC, and ASTM compliant. Our models are lightweight, durable, adjustable, and comfortable. We got your back, whether you're a stuntman or just using your scooter for chill rides. Interested? Check out our range of helmets and find your best fit!

Final words

This was our helmet fit guide for scooter and BMX riders. To conclude: measure your head, get your helmet, and wear it whenever you ride. kick scooter, pro scooter, or a BMX bike, it matters not. Safety should always be your number one concern.

And if you have any doubts or additional questions concerning protective equipment, the staff of Rideminded are always here for you. Feel free to reach out, and we'll answer all the questions you might have.