Use them to build up coordination skills before moving on to a BMX bike or kids scooter.

These types of trike have a big wheel at the front and two smaller wheels at the back. This means kids can drift around corners, which will keep them occupied for hours! They’re suitable for a range of terrains, meaning you’ll get a smooth drifting experience no matter where you ride.

At Rideminded, you’ll find drift trikes for kids from brands such as Sullivan. Their trikes are made using durable materials, so they can handle rocky terrains, high speeds and lots of drifting. Keep your children safe and buy a trike from us that will go the extra mile.

If this is your child’s introduction to the world of scooters, trikes and BMX, a drift trike is the perfect place to start. They can begin just by riding around and getting used to the pedals, steering and coordination. Then, once they’re more confident, they can work on some introductory tricks and stunts too.

At Rideminded, children can choose from a range of colours to personalise their trike. The 18-inch wheels are perfect for a younger age bracket, as it means they can easily get up to speed. Plus, safety features like a reliable brake are included, so they can slow down whenever they need to.

Not sure which trike is best for your child? Get in touch and a member of our team will be on hand to help you with your purchase, setup and any introductory words of advice for new riders.