Sullivan Junior Protective Set - Flamingo Fade


Color: Flamingo Fade
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Looking for protective pads for a kid who's just starting out to help them safely and comfortably find their feet on 4 wheels, we've come up with this set of elbow, knee, and wrist protectors. Sullivan Junior Protective Set is designed for children skating, scootering or skateboarding. The plastic shells and foam pads have great shock protection, they're anatomically designed to fit well and have elasticated rips tabs, making it easy to adjust the size to suit while being comfortable.

Rider Elbow Circumference
Rider Elbow Circumference 6.7-8.3"/17-21cm
Rider Elbow Circumference 5.9-7.5"/15-19cm
Rider Height
Rider Height 3ft6"-4ft6"/110-140cm
Rider Height 2ft6"-3ft6"/80-110cm
Rider Knee Circumference
Rider Knee Circumference 9.8-12.1"/25-31cm
Rider Knee Circumference 8.3-10.6"/21-27cm
Rider Weight
Rider Weight 66-100lb/30-50kg
Rider Weight <66l/30kg
Rider Wrist Circumference
Rider Wrist Circumference 4.7-5.5"/12-14cm
Rider Wrist Circumference 4.3-5.1"/11-13cm
SKU 65017-V
What's in the Box?
What's in the Box? Knee, elbow and wrist guards
What's in the Box? Knee, elbow and wrist guards

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