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If you’re looking for a new stunt scooter to take your park riding to the next level, or a fresh street scooter to session a local spot, we’ve definitely got you covered - even if you want something different to hit the local dirt jump trails!

Whether you are just riding to school, trying to land your first whip or you’re the next Ryan Williams, there will be a stunt scooter in the range. There is a range of colours from neo chrome to black and purple to orange. Check it out now!

Check out stunt scooters from Invert Supreme, Triad Scooters, Sullivan and more!

Our stunt scooters are built with exactly the same parts pro riders use on their scooters. These parts are designed and tested by experts in the industry. Just click on a scooter you like the look of to see more pictures and information on the parts and specs.

Stunt scooters are different from regular scooters; they evolved into their own action sports category after riders started to do more demanding tricks on their folding scooters. Today’s freestyle scooters are built with specially-designed reinforced parts, like decks and forks, to withstand impacts from riders pulling off big stunts.

Unlike traditional kick scooters, stunt scooters do not fold, and the height of the bars can’t be adjusted. They feature robust bearing compression systems like SCS, IHC and HIC, which keep the handlebars turning freely. The wheels have very high quality bearings and soft polyurethane tyres for smooth rolling in skateparks and to absorb landing jumps.

Need advice on the best trick scooter for you? Get in touch and we’ll help you out. And, if it’s your first order with us, we’ll give you 10% off too!