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Have you ever been sliding sideways down an epic hill only for your legs to catch the front wheel, or feet not be able to reach the pedals? Drift trikes come in a range of sizes and spec for the absolute beginner to the more advanced rider taking on 360’s while drifting corners on their local hill.

To get the most out of your Drift trike, its important you start by choosing a model that is the right size for you. If you are riding a trike that is too small, you will end up being cramped and uncomfortable and no one wants that while sliding and if it’s too big you will not be able to reach the pedals to keep those drifts under control. Here at Rideminded with the team at Triad and Sullivan, we have devised a pedal to seat measurement to compare which size trike will fit best for age and height of the rider.

How to measure yourself:

  1. Place your hand on your hip where your belt would sit
  2. Measure from your hand on your hip to the ground to find your leg length
  3. Take your measurement and compare to the Drift trike size chart to find your size

Choosing your Drift Trike:

Some drift trikes feature an adjustable seat, allowing younger riders to adjust the seating position backwards as they grow. The Sullivan Junior 18” Big Wheel trike has a 2-position seat, allowing riders with a leg length of 65 cm to 75 cm

The Triad drift trikes come in different frame sizes depending on the model, but all feature a quick release adjustable slider, this allows for the rider to really dial in their preferred seating position (the same as a high-end bike seat post clamp).

  • The Counter measure is great for younger riders with a leg length between 80 cm and 100 cm and has a smaller 18” front tyre.
  • The Underworld and Notorious Drift trikes have the same steel frame with a 20” front wheel and will suit riders with a leg length between 95 cm and 115 cm.
  • For taller riders, the Syndicate trike frame is extended under the seat, best suited to riders with a leg length of 100 cm and up.

Don’t forget…

  • Have fun!
  • Be Safe.
  • Be Seen.
  • Wear a helmet!
  • Stay Upright.

Trike Maintenance

  • Trikes require regular maintenance Check trikes before every ride.
  • Wheels: Check the front tyre to make sure its properly inflated. Inspect the rear wheels for cracks and wobbles, they should spin freely and not have any play in them.
  • Brakes: Check the brake to ensure correct operation. Inspect the pads, calliper and cables / Adjust the pads, lever and cable or replace the pads as needed.
  • Bolts: Check the entire Drift Trike to make sure all nuts and bolts are firmly tightened.